About Konvo

noun, con·vo {kon·vo}

1. n ≈ An abbreviation for the word conversation;
to exchange thoughts with another person.

Welcome to Konvo

it's Australian for conversation.

We're the new social on the block, designed to put you back in control of your social media experience and change the way you connect, converse, share and discover.

Konvo lets you craft your feeds based on the conversations (konvos) you're having with your friends or with the global community and puts you back in the driver's seat, where you can control what you want to hear and choose who you want to speak to. It's all about giving you back control and making sure you have options - lots of them!

Konvo equips you with a variety of filtering tools that let you personalise how you want to interact and connect. It lets you add channels to your dashboard that reflect your interests and the type of media you want to be consuming, from entertainment, news, science, fashion and everything in between. It also lets you integrate some of your favourite social networks into the one place, which means you won't need as many browsers and apps open. One network, one social.

But most importantly, Konvo lets you see what other people are talking about based on our nifty conversational data called TrueTrend. It's more than just a hashtag (which can often be fabricated). It takes into account what people are really talking about by cross-referencing people's posts, phrases and keywords across all of your social platforms (not just Konvo) to deliver what we believe to be a true and relevant trending conversation. Konvo provides a new way to interact by letting you join konvos of interest to you and connect with like-minded individuals.

Konvo gives you what you want to see, instead of what we think you want.

We're currently in Beta, so we appreciate your patience as we continue to evolve and grow over the coming months. Remember, this is your network so please share your experiences with us and report any issues that pop up.